DIY Hub: Application
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DIY Hub: Application
Just 3 Easy Steps:
In just 3 easy steps, HERCULINER Roll-On Bed Liner will create a durable skid-resistant protective coating to virtually any surface or material. It's great for wood, metal, concrete, aluminum, asphalt, rubber, fiberglass, and most plastics, including PVC. Simply use the rollers provided in the kit or any hard nylon-based roller pad and apply it to create a lasting non-stick surface.
Clean heavy dirt and grime from surface and mask off all areas to be painted. Scuff all paint surfaces where HERCULINER is to be applied, leaving no glossy areas. Wipe down the surface with Xylene (Xylol),Acetone or MEK solution and a rag.
Stir HERCULINER thoroughly before using and while you are working. This helps keeps the rubber particles suspended and assures an even application. Apply a light first coat. This acts as a "primer" for your second coat.
After the first coat has been applied, allow HERCULINER to set up (approximately 1-4 hours or when it is no longer tacky). After you apply the second coat, make sure to let cure for at least 24 hours before light use and 3-5 days before heavy use.